Previously in TP

MAY 2017: Following regular aggressive interactions with the males in Hulk’s group, Mario has taken over as the alpha male, with a few injuries. Shortly after, Becky’s baby is deadly injured, most likely by Mario. Pippin has left the group.

JUNE 2017: Bane has a deep open wound on his right foot that causes him to limp, and is seen progressively losing rank within Entrance group.

OCTOBER 2017: Trump has integrated Hulk’s group as beta male, slowly pushing Hulk out of the group. Hulk is later seen on the periphery of Entrance group.

JANUARY 2018: Pippin is often spotted alone, he doesn’t seem to have integrated any group yet.

FEBRUARY 2018: Becky has been fighting a lot with Iris, Trump and Mario. As a result, she has deep bite wounds on her back and thigh. She is losing rank fast as she now SBTs females that were lower ranking than her when the project first started. She spends a lot of time on the periphery of the group, alone.

JULY 2018: Unfortunately, after everyone had left KL, the Malaysian Wildlife Department caught a lot of monkeys to “relocate” them. Among them were several high ranking individuals from Entrance group – Bane, Hannibal, Smaug, Ivy, Jesabelle, Loreli, Vixen and numerous juveniles (including Albert). Other monkeys from Fat man and Car park groups were also taken.