Pascal Marty


Pascal Marty, Research Associate with the McCowan Lab, is a primatologist with a broad background in anthropology, animal behavior and socio-endocrinology. He is specifically interested in the evolution of social systems and the proximate drivers of such processes. After studying male bimaturism in Orangutans, He studied sexual selection in crested macaques with a specific focus on how male migration and migration strategies impact the social structure of this species. During his previous work, he acquired a background in socio-endocrinology; investigating the effect of certain behaviors or circumstances on an individual’s stress levels and ultimately their fitness. Since human populations are growing and many, if not most, primate populations are increasingly being forced to share their habitat with humans, behavioral adaptations to better cope with the urban environment can be expected. Whether or not the presence of humans has an effect on the social system of primates is unknown so far. He joined the McCowan lab as a postdoc from 2016-2019 to study human-macaque conflicts and their impact on the social networks of a group. He continues to collaborate with the McCowan Lab from Switzerland.