Research Staff

Lauren Wooddell


Laboratory Assistant III

Lauren has a BS in Agriculture from Ohio State University. She previously worked at NIH examining behavioral development across the lifespan and consequences on chronic hormone production in rhesus macaques, as well as how management decisions and demographic changes can influence the stability of social groups. Lauren conducts behavioral observations on rhesus macaques in the breeding corrals at CNPRC. She specifically monitors how enrichment and management influence deleterious aggression and social networks in rhesus macaques, with the aim to develop management strategies to maximize primate well-being.


 Emily Dura

Field Manager

Emily started with the McCowan Lab by observing and recording the social behaviors of rhesus macaques within a large group enclosure at the CNPRC. She now serves as field manager for our project on coupled human-macaque system in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Emily received her BS in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution from Cornell University. She received her MS in Primate Behavior from Central Washington University. Emily previously conducted behavioral research in Peninsular Malaysia studying wild pigtail macaque mother-infant interactions. (In the picture, she is showing off a millipede).